Parallel execution of tests using Selenoid and Python

Instruction for quickly start cluster for Selenium-tests using Docker and Selenoid. Selenoid – Selenium WebDriver protocol implementation, launching browsers in isolated Docker containers. The main application for automated testing web-application in a real browsers.

Selenoid source code and documentation: Selenoid


Selenoid Docker Python

There must be:
– Install Docker on MacOs;
– Upload Selenoid – Configuration Manager;
– Start web-UI and Hub;
– Run Python tests in parallel;

Install and configure Docker were described: HERE. In short, create a profile on Docker Hub, upload and install application: Docker Desktop, login through the terminal.

After Docker install and setup, will be upload utility Configuration Manager.

curl -s | bash

On Linux and Mac OS
./cm selenoid start --vnc

To override Selenoid listen port add --port flag:
./cm selenoid start --port 4445
Selenoid help / stop
./cm selenoid --help
./cm selenoid stop
$ ./cm selenoid stop
Using Docker
- Your Docker API version is 1.39
Stopping Selenoid...
Successfully stopped Selenoid
$ ./cm selenoid-ui stop
Using Docker
- Your Docker API version is 1.39
Stopping Selenoid UI...
Successfully stopped Selenoid UI
docker --version
docker image ls
docker ps -a
ipconfig getifaddr en0

ls – command list, return all Dockers tom
ps -a – show Docker containers that are currently running
ipconfig – command shows IP address on MacOs

Selenoid Web version, default:

./cm selenoid-ui start

Test code example:

from selenium import webdriver
from selenium.webdriver.common.keys import Keys
capabilities = {
    "browserName": "chrome",
    "version": "90.0",
    "platform": "LINUX"
driver = webdriver.Remote(
print 'Session ID is: %s' % driver.session_id
print 'Opening the page...'
 assert "Python" in driver.title
 elem = driver.find_element_by_name("q")
 assert "No results found." not in driver.page_source
print 'Taking screenshot...'
driver.get_screenshot_as_file(driver.session_id + '.png')

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